Occupational orientation

Section of occupational orientation and study orientation

„Do you still consider or do you already know it?“

The Erzgebirge region offers excellent perspectives to efficient young skilled people.

Before choosing an occupation, young people get the opportunity to inform and to orient themselves early to find out their occupational aptitudes.

Here the pupils and as well as their parents and teachers find bundled tips to achieve an insight into companies, and they can get information about occupational orientation, education and study. With it they can optimally prepare for the start in the new period of life. The Open Companies Week and the education fair of the Erzgebirge make clear which chances the Erzgebirge region offers to the teenagers.

Personal inclinations and interests of the young people, on the one hand and, the requirements of the economy, on the other hand, play a role if it is a matter of finding the optimum education place or of choosing the ideal course of studies.

Motivated young skilled worker is an important competition factor for the Erzgebirge.

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